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I Starve... I Strave For You

"Its Always a fashion show"

30 September 1988
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ABOUT ME: 21. in college. youngest of three. My family is very important to me. as well as friends. I can be the nicest girl ever. or a bitch if you give me a reason to be.I have huge dreams and nothing will stop me from following them <3

INTERESTS: Hockey, Shopping, Friends, Partying, Traveling, Dancing, Tennis, Laughing, Having Fun, Taking Pictures, Eating Ice cream, Being Online, Writing


, abercrombie and fitch, acting silly, advertising, alcohol, american eagle, anti-realionships, ballet, beach, beauty, beer, being late, being trendy, books, boys, brand new, bud light, california, carolina hurricanes, chocolate, cigarettes, cities, clubbing, computers, concerts, cookies, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, designers, disney, disney princesses, dmb, dreaming, dreams, drinking, drugs, eat and park, family, fishing, fliriting, flowers, following your dreams, football, friends, fun, games, getting drunk, glitter, going out to eat, good music, guitar hero, happiness, happy, high heels, hip hop, hockey, hollister, horses, hugs, humor, ice cream, ice hockey, jazz, john mayer, kayne west, kisses, kissing, lagauna beach, laughing, lillies, literature, livejournal, love, lyrical, make up, making out, marijuana, marilyn monroe, marketing, men, movies, mtv, music, nhl, partying, peace, pictures, pink, pittsburgh, pittsburgh penguins, pittsburgh pirates, pittsburgh steelers, play station, poetry, pointe, pot, princess, puppies, purple, quotes, reading, road trips, romance, running, sarcasm, sewing, sex, sex & the city, sex and the city, shakespeare, shoes, shopping, singing (not well), skiing, smiling, sports, st. cloud, starbucks, stars, strawberries, stupid jokes, stupid pictures, sublime, summer, sunsets, super nintendo, talking, tanning, tap, tattoos, taylor swift, tennis, the beach, the hills, theatre, thrift stores, tiger lillies, travel, traveling, vodka, web design, weed, working out